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Facebook Ad Accounts & Scaling 2-Day Interactive Mastermind

Are you struggling to scale your campaigns to the next level because Facebook has been constantly shutting down your accounts? 😱

Are you running semi-aggressive campaigns people tend to report but it's generating 200-300% ROI or even more? 🤑

Having a hard time running consistently because Facebook keeps shutting you down? 🤯

If you answered yes to all the above then this workshop is the perfect fit for you!

March 6-7 join me for a private mastermind in sunny California! ☀️

I teach you exactly how to maintain your ad accounts so you can avoid instant bans

✅ You will be given the exact roadmap to scale your campaigns to $XX,XXX-$XXX,XXXX daily spend level.


I will ensure that you get setup with an AGENCY ACCOUNT* where you can constantly spend over a $1 million / month or more, without major restrictions! Whether you want to run aggressive or simple WH campaigns. 😉😉

What is an Agency Account?Click here to see our infographic


The goal of this workshop is to educate you to a standard where you will have sufficient knowledge to maintain and work with an agency account. Agency accounts are delicate and a high level of expertise are required in order to use them. This workshop will provide necessary training to qualify you as a candidate. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

(*) Fees and conditions apply. Minimum ad spend of $10k/day. For more information get in touch.

This mastermind and agency account opportunity is limited for 10 people ONLY.

First come first serve basis.

You will also learn: 

✅how to spy on your competitors and find the best landers and ads currently running. 

✅personal referral to the best private spy tool on the market.

✅ how to warm up the ad accounts properly so your Quality Score is off the roof,

✅how to instantly lower your CPC to maximize your ROI

✅advanced multi-variate testing tactics

✅how to increase your ROI by 20-30% by applying one simple tactic

✅ how to create and pile up 100s of accounts - or as many you'd like,

✅ how to structure profitable ad campaigns on Facebook that sets you up for success right away by instantly decreasing the CPC prices and getting quality traffic that converts,

✅ how to combat "Poor Ad Experience" or "Poor Landing Page Experience" issues

✅ or answer any questions you may have about Facebook Ads!