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New York Mastermind 2019

This is for digital marketers who are interested in taking their Facebook Ads performance marketing game to the next level or looking to tap into Facebook as a new traffic source to scale their business. Aug 14-15 New York, USA

Topics covered during the 2 days:
- FB Ad Accounts: learn my true & tried strategies to manage them to avoid flagging
- Phone Verification Tactics
- WorldWide Credit Card Setup / Funding Sources
- Ad Account Warm-up Strategy
- Ad Policy (how to go from running cheeky ads to run compliant, whitehat campaigns that generate 100%+ ROI)
- Custom Audiences, Lookalikes
- Campaign Setup (instantly lower your CPC)
- Maintaining High Ad Account Quality Scores (Learn how the Algo works)
- Competitive Intelligence (spy on your competition EZ!)
- Landing Page Optimization (multi-variate testing)
- Server, Domain Setup (website speed counts!)
- Facebook Reporting (efficiently analyze your data)
- Scaling Winning Campaigns